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Esports as a viable career option for skilled players

Esports as a viable career option for skilled players

Unlike other conventional sports, Esports relies heavily on computerised electronic devices as the primary medium to facilitate the game. The player displays his skills via his machinery. The proliferation of the internet world-wide has largely contributed to the growth of this form of sport.

So is Esport a real sport? No doubt, in esports, players sit in front of their computers with minimal body movements except for the regular and frantic pressing or clicking on their mice and keyboards and an occassional shout from certain players. Admitedly, the physical movements in esports are fewer as compared to other sports but the traditional and widely recognised board game, chess, doesn't involve much physical movements either. Wherever the arguments may lead, it can't be denied that esports is growing massively in recent years. A recent study has found that esports has an estimated 80 million followers on Youtube which is thrice the number of the followers of movies and TV shows combined together.

 Hundreds and thousands of recurring esports tournaments with varying prize pools are being held around the world annually. Most notable among them being the Dota 2 International, the League of Legends Worls Championship, the Intel Extreme Masters and so on. The 2015 Dota 2 championships had a record-breaking prize pool of 18.4 million USD of which the winner walked away with a staggering 6.6 million USD. 

So is esports a viable career option? The answer remains to be ascertained considering this particular industry is still being developed. The trend of offering lucrative contracts and salaries to players, however, already exists in esports and is being enhanced with every passing year.

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