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'Going pro' in Dota 2 and earnings

'Going pro' in Dota 2 and earnings

Dota 2 revolves around two teams, comprising of five players in each team, trying to defend each other's 'Ancient' or destroy the opponent's 'Ancient'. As the game progresses, players earn experience to level up and gold to buy appropriate items for their heroes. There are numerous guides available online for this hugely popular MOBA game.

Steamcharts has recorded a concurrent players peak of over 1.2 million in February 2015 for Dota 2. There aren't much reliable data for region-wise distribution of players and their age group. However, an educated guess would put the average age group around the early 20s.secondly, considering the fact that majority of the players play the game during the evening, China and the South-East Asian regions will probably have the maximum number of players.

Skilled players with high solo and team MMR (Match-Making Rating) usually get selected by top and well-established organisations or clubs. Once they join a team, practising for several hours a day and travelling around the globe participating in various tournaments becomes the norm of the day. Considering the recent trends, the organisations reportedly pay monthly salaries ranging from 1000 to 5000 USD depending on the organisation to which the players belong to. This excludes the earnings from streaming and other allowances. The esports industry in general is still being developed and therefore the earnings are bound to get better in the coming years.


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